Conditions of Purchase


  1. Definitions

            (a) “Adpol” means Advanced Polymers Limited

(b) “Goods” means all materials, goods and services to be supplied under this Purchase Order

(c) “Supplier” means the company or firm named on this Purchase Order.

  1. Delivery

            (a) Delivery must be made on the date or dates stated in the Purchase Order to Adpol’s premises at 20 Hambridge                             Trading Estate, Willowbrook Road, Worthing or to such other location as may be specified in the Order failing which          Adpol may cancel the Order and obtain similar Goods elsewhere and without prejudice to any other rights Adpol may              have to charge to the Supplier any additional expenses which may be incurred.

(b) The Goods shall be delivered at the risk of the Supplier and at his expense unless otherwise agreed by Adpol and the         Supplier shall be responsible for ensuring the Goods are suitably packaged for delivery.

(c) All Goods should be delivered with the Supplier’s Delivery Note and letter of guarantee when required.

(d) Title to the Goods shall pass on the earlier of delivery or payment in part or in whole.

(e) The Supplier shall keep properly insured against the usual perils all Goods for which payment or part payment is                          made before delivery and shall be responsible for any loss or damage whatsoever caused to the Goods before                 delivery and risk of loss shall pass to Adpol only on delivery.


  1. Defects and Warranties

            (a) The Supplier warrants that the Goods are free from defect are of merchantable quality and, in so far as Adpol has                          made know to the Supplier the purpose for which the goods are to be used are fit for such purpose or, if Adpol has                       not so made know, are fit for the normal purpose for which the Goods are used. The Supplier further warrants that the                  design, construction and quality of the Goods comply in all respects with (i) their specifications and description set out      in the purchase order or otherwise given to the Supplier by Adpol and (ii) all relevant requirements of any statute                 statutory instrument or order which may be in force at the time when the Goods are supplied to or used by Adpol.

(b) The Supplier will inspect and test the Goods prior to delivery to ensure compliance with their Specification and                             description set out in the purchase order or otherwise given to the Supplier by Adpol and, if requested, shall supply                     to Adpol copies or records of such inspection.


  1. Rejection of Goods

(a) Adpol shall be entitled to reject any goods which are in any way faulty or defective without being liable to the Supplier        for any payment.

(b) Any money received from Adpol in respect of rejected goods shall be repaid promptly.

(c) If the Supplier fails to meet any of the conditions in this Purchase Order Adpol shall be entitled to cancel the Order                         by reasonable written notice to the Supplier or at its direction may treat the Goods as rejected in which case sub-                           clauses (a) and (b) of this clause shall take effect.

(d) The Supplier will notify Adpol of any non conforming product, even after delivery


  1. Rights of Access

            Adpol, our customers and nominated representatives reserve the right of access to the Supplier’s premises and    those of its permitted sub-contractors and shall be afforded all necessary access and facilities at any reasonable time to         check the progress, quality or records relating to the work being carried out, even after completion.


  1. Indemnity

            The Supplier shall indemnify Adpol against any claim by any person relating to death or personal Injury or any loss or             damage to any property or any other loss or damage whatsoever caused by Defect in the Goods (whether or not apparent   from examination) or caused by any breach of contract, negligence or other default of the Supplier, his servants or agents.        This indemnity includes all costs, charges or expenses whatsoever incurred by Adpol in connection with any claim or legal        proceedings made or taken by any person and such costs, charges or expenses shall be recoverable from the Supplier on a     full indemnity basis.


  1. Insurance

            (a) The Supplier will effect and keep in force a policy of insurance with a Company authorised under the Insurance                            Company Act 1982 or any amendments or statutory replacements thereof in the sum of at least £1,000,000 against          all claims arising out of death or personal injury or any loss of or damage to any property (including land) caused to                any person by reason of a defect in goods supplied by the Supplier to Adpol whether or not such defect arose as a                     result of a breach of contract, negligence or other default on the part of the Supplier.

(b) A copy of the insurance policy referred to in sub-clause (a) shall be made available by the Supplier to Adpol on demand.


  1. General

            (a) These conditions exclude any other terms and conditions inconsistent therewith which either party might seek to                            impose including any other terms and conditions contained in a later document which purport to exclude any                 conditions inconsistent with them.

(b) Acceptance by the Supplier of the purchase order shall be deemed to be acceptance of these conditions contained in          quotations, letters, invoices or other communications issued by the Supplier shall annul or vary them unless                        expressly agreed in writing by Adpol and the Supplier.

(c) Any reference to any statute, regulation or other matter includes reference to any amendments, re-enactments,

extensions or replacement of the same.

(d) Should the price, material used, drawing number or revision differ from that of the purchase order written approval    should be obtained from Adpol before proceeding

(e) The supply of alternative product, concession, scrapping, subcontracting of our issued product must have our prior agreement

(f) The supplier will supply the release certification (certificate of conformity) and any other paperwork or documentation requested in the purchase order


  1. Record Retention

The supplier will retain records for material traceability, test and inspection for 5 Years as hard copies and then a further 10 years (minimum) as either hard or electronic files



Iss 4 11.11.2016