Flame Retardant Silicone Rubber

Adpol’s 40 years of experience manufacturing products for the aerospace industry means that we have a great deal of experience with Flame Retardant Silicone Rubber Compounds.

Silicone naturally is self extinguishing, and most of our general purpose grades meet UL94HB. But in certain specialist applications such as aerospace, rail and other mass transit even higher standards of self extinguishing and low smoke emissions are required from Flame Retardant Silicone Rubber.

Adpol manufactures in a number of Flame Retardant Silicone Rubber grades that meet UL94V0, ABD0031 and BS6853 and the halogen, toxicity and smoke emissions standards of the vast majority of airlines and train mass transit operators across the world. These compounds are available in a range of hardness’s and can be colour matched to your project requirement. We operate to the AS9100 quality systems and traceability levels required for products in these specialist sectors.

Adpol extrudes custom Flame Retardant Silicone Rubber seals that are often used as door, seat or bulkhead seals, either supplied as extruded profiles ( P tapes, D Profiles, e profiles , fabricated complete Silicone Rubber Gaskets, Silicone Rubber Sheeting and Strip, gaskets punched from sheet, or moulded silicone rubber parts, and adhesive backed if required

From drawing to sample for testing generally only takes a 2 – 3 weeks and costs £175 – £250

If you need any technical advice with a new or existing project, or would like a quotation please contact us and we will be happy to help.