Silicrumb The Recycled Silicone Rubber

Recycled Silicone Rubber

Silicone’s extreme durability unfortunately doesn’t make it a raw material you would want to put into landfill, but tragically it’s where the majority of scrap Silicone Rubber ends up.

We estimate that in the region of 500 tons of Silicone Rubber a year will end up in landfill, where it will remain for hundreds of years.

Adpol has spent the last few years considering how to change this and economically recycle Silicone Rubber back into the manufacturing process. With the launch of the Silicrumb range of Recycled Silicone Compounds we are very proud to say we can now do just that, as possibly the first firm in the UK to do so.

Through a specialist process we can grind up the silicone and then re introduce it to compound at levels of up to 50%. For mouldings with walls over 2mm it works very well, and for extrusion with walls over 3mm it also works well giving amazing colour mixes and textured finishes.

The added beauty of this is that the recycling of the Silicone Rubber can be repeated over and over again, so you can ask your customers to return the seal to you, and then us for full cycle sustainability.

By encouraging more firms and more customers to support this initiative we can keep Silicone Rubber out of landfill, and reduce the emission heavy process of making and shipping Silicone Rubber around the globe.

We are already working with a number of firms who have successfully introduced recycled Silicone Rubber products to their product lines and are keen to go further with positive support from customers.

Please join us in this new initiative at the very beginning and get in touch so we can discuss how we could introduce this green initiative into your manufacturing and sales processes.