IP Rated Rubber Seals

Low Temperature Rubber Seals

Adpol can manufacture custom seals designed to operate as low as -100 degrees C working with you to ensure the size, hardness, colour and other properties like tear strength and chemical resistance are exactly what you need

Rubbers harden as the temperature drop, Silicone Rubber performs best at extreme high and low temperatures. Our general purpose silicone (food and medical grade) will operate down to -40/-60 area without much problem. If you need extreme low temperature resistance we have a specialist grade designed to operate at -100. All silicones also offer excellent resistance to mould, mildew and microbiological growth

We can extrude tube, cord or profiles that can be cut and press joined into O rings or picture frame seals, mould parts, and can have gaskets cut from flat sheet for you

We have many years experience in this sector and would be very happy to work with you every step of the way to help you get exactly the seal you need. Please get in touch to discuss this further