Weather Resistant Rubber Seals

Weather Resistant Rubber

Silicone Rubber is by some way the most weather resistant polymer and an excellent choice if you need a good seal in any application likely to see tough environmental conditions.

Silicone Rubber is an extremely versatile material offering excellent technical properties in harsh conditions. Silicone Rubber is highly resistant to UV light, Ozone, oxygen, salt, mold and mildew, and the general aging affects of weather. Other rubbers can harden and crack over time and support organic growth, you see this sometimes on old window seals which can be EPDM

There have been many tests over the years to demonstrate this, including control samples of Silicone Rubber being subjected to the extremes of the Arizona desert or deep Atlantic oceans for years without any significant loss in technical performance.

Adpol can help you develop the ideal seal for your application in weather resistant Silicone Rubber, as we have with many longstanding customers over the years. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements, we are here to help.