Partition Seals

Custom Rubber Partition Seals

If you need to fit a soft, strong, flexible and hygienic seal between or around clear perspex or other Partitions custom silicone rubber profiles are likely to be the best solution. Manufactured in the UK they offer quality, economic and fast solutions.

With multiple gap width options a flap or bulb type seal around the edge of your screen will keep fingers, dust, debris and other airborne particles out. In bright colours they can work as a safety or even design feature on clear screens, and we can even join into O Rings or picture frame gaskets if required.

Our Silicone bases are medical, food and drink certified, they do not support mould or other microbiological growth. Further anti bacterial additives with proven resistance to MRSA and E Coli can be added if required.

We have over 4000 extrusion dies and lots of samples to try, and with many years experience in this field we can help you with your requirements. Just get in touch with details of what you are trying to achieve and we will be very happy to assist.