Silicone Rubber Compatibility Tables

Silicone Rubber offers excellent physical properties, which makes it the ideal polymer selection in a wide number of applications.

However, it’s important to fully understand all of the environmental stresses and exposures to chemicals, oils and gasses that the Silicone Rubber seal, gasket or tube will experience during its lifetime.

Different grades of Silicone Rubber, and indeed a different polymer entirely may be more suitable. Breakdown and deterioration of non compatible rubber parts may not be immediately obvious and a gradual break down of the technical properties of the result.

The Chemical compatibility table below can help you make informed and correct decisions. Adpol can also help you carry out your own trials with samples and guidance on what testing can be done by you.

We are able to blend polymers, and work with compounders to develop custom mixes to suit very individual requirements and applications.