Made with Genuine Viton

Viton Extrusions and Mouldings

Adpol is able to offer a range of both extruded and moulded Viton® Fluoroelastomer products at competitive prices. Generally speaking, products manufactured using Genuine Viton® fluoroelastomers provide exceptional resistance to heat, oils, and chemicals and are the material of choice in specific industrial and scientific applications.

Viton Extrusion was introduced in 1958 by Du Pont scientists and engineers have relied on its superior performance and unique properties ever since.

Gasketstube and other custom Viton® extrusions can be manufactured to order at our Worthing plant. Many of these can also be supplied adhesive backed. We have over 40 years experience with specialist products such as Viton® and can work with you to provide the solution to your technical requirements. As well as the traditional black Viton®  we are able to offer alternative colours, grades and hardnesses to suit specific applications or requirements.

Please give us a call, or send us an e-mail though this link to discuss your requirements in more detail.

By dealing direct with the manufacturer you can be assured of competitive pricing, short lead times and direct access to helpful technical support.