Sampling Process and Acceptance Quality Level (AQL)

At Adpol we work to the recognised industry standard Acceptance Quality Level (AQL) of 2.5%, meaning that 2.5% of a full batch could be out of spec. It is important to point out that we do not inspect to 100% levels unless agreed to in advance.

Our sampling plans follow ISO 2859-1:19999 + a1 2011, and a copy of our plan can be made available on request. This ensures that using established formulas we carry out primary and where required secondary sampling procedures sufficient to identify any non-conformance prior to this causing you an issue.

Adpol’s KPI for external NCR’s (non conformities) is to maintain a level below 1% and we are pleased to confirm we have comfortably achieved this since 2010.

If you require any further information relation to sampling procedures or AQL’s please contact Nicola on our quality team.