rubber mouldings

UK Rubber Moulding

Rubber Moulding is one of Adpol’s key areas of expertise. Over 40 years experience in Rubber Moulding allows us to produce custom parts such as gaskets, blocks, anti vibration mounts, covers and many more, in a wide range of rubber grades such as EPDM, NITRILE, NEOPRENE, BUTYL and VITON

Adpol is able to blend compounds and colour match in Silicone Rubber to very specific requirements with certification were required. Adpol works with a range of different size compression moulding machines, and can produce high quality parts including rubber-metal bonding and the encapsulation of components such as magnets.

For low to medium volume enquiries, compression Rubber Moulding is a fast and cost-effective way to produce parts in the UK. By working with local experienced  toolmakers we can keep costs down and turn things around for far less expense and quicker than injection moulding.

Simple Rubber moulding tools can be manufactured in 2 – 3 weeks and samples run off them within days of their arrival at Adpol.

For further details about Rubber Moulding please contact us.   Adpol is committed to excellent customer service and support, we will aim to respond to your enquiry within 24hrs wherever possible, we are here to help.