Rubber Coated Sponge

Rubber Coated Sponge Extrusions

Adpol has developed a new manufacturing technique which allows us to extrude a thin skin of Silicone Rubber over sponge.

This allows many of the specialist performances properties of Silicone to be combined with the soft compressible nature of Sponge which can be hugely beneficial when you need the compressibility of sponge and the resistance of specialist Silicone grades for certain applications.

For example, Chemically Resistant Fluorosilicone, Conductive Carbon loaded Silicone, Steam resistant Silicone, Metal Detectable Food Grade Silicone, Extreme high or low temperature Silicone and anti bacterial Silicone.

Imagine an extrusion with these properties, that can be cut and joined into O Ring or picture frame gaskets, and give the compressibility, flexibility and weight saving of sponge. Well we can now help you with this.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements, we are here and very happy to assist.