Silicone Rubber

Silicone Rubber Compound

UK based Adpol is able to mix Silicone Rubber suitable for moulding or extrusion to exact customer requirements in terms or colour, hardness and specialist grades with resistance to heat, cold, chemicals, acid, fuel, steam or that are metal loaded, conductive or flame retardant.

We regularly work with customers to develop a unique blends to meet the most demanding of requirements with certification  for food, drink, medical, aerospace or other strngent applications.

Silicone Rubber  can be supplied in a wide range of colours and material grades to specific customer requirements from 10kgs to 1000kgs, next day shipping can be arranged for urgent jobs.

Adpol blends and supplies Silicone Rubber Compound sheeted off ready for use, sometimes as uncured strips ready for wrapping onto product and oven curing.

Because we stock large volumes of Silicone Rubber Compound, short lead times are available for stock items. Other grades of Silicone Rubber Compound that Adpol could mix and supply include;

  • Neoprene
  • Viton
  • EPDM
  • Nitrile
  • Butyl
  • Metal Detectable
  • Conductive Rubber
  • Platinum Cured Silicone Rubber
  • Flame retardant low smoke/zero halogen
  • Colour Matched
  • Steam Resistant

Typical specialist grades include flame retardant grades of Silicone Rubber (to meet aerospace and public transport requirements), FDA/WRC/WRAS approved grades for food, drink, dairy, and medical applications, Extreme High Temperature (300°C), High tear strength, Fluorosilicone for Oil, Chemical resistance at temperature, Viton, Metal detectable and conductive compounds. We stock raw material to meet the above production needs and can supply uncured Silicone Rubber Compound if required.

To discuss your specific requirements in more detail or request a quotation please contact the sales team on 01903 820461, or submit an enquiry via our website.