Steam Resistant Rubber

Autoclave Door Seals

Adpol has been manufacturing Autoclave Door Seals for many decades. We are used to working with customers to match samples, drawings or help with a sealing solutions on new or existing products. From drawing to production of a profile typically takes 2- 3 weeks and will cost around £200 for a die and first off sample.

Autoclave Door Seals can be supplied as straightforward extrusion, press joined O Ring gaskets, or mitre cut square or retangular gaskets. They can also be moulded or cut from flat sheet in a wide range of materials.

Our  general purpose silicone rubber compounds will cope with temperatures up to 200°C, and we also have silicone rubber grades which are rated up to 300°C  In addition to these we can also offer a steam resistant grade  for use in steam autoclave applications.

Adpol have the flexibility to tailor the rubber hardness and colour of your Autoclave Door seals to meet your current, or future requirements, and our grades meet most food and water standards across a wide range of countries with certification available upon request.

To find out more or get a quote please contact us by phone or e mail, or drop in and see us we are always happy to help, and put customer service right at the front of what we stand for.