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Celebrating our 50th Anniversary

Established in 1974 by Peter Bealch and George Hayman Adpol was originally predominantly extruding Neoprene, with a couple of silicone lines and a single press. By 1979 Adpol had outgrown its original site and moved to current premises at Hambridge Road Trading Estate. The booming 70’s UK manufacturing sectors of Aerospace, communications, electronics and defence were well served by Adpol bringing healthy growth into the 90’s.

Towards the end of the 90’s the founders were ready to hang up their rubber gloves. Peter’s daughter, Amy with husband Gary and close friend Joe took over the business in the early 00’s and immediately set about injecting energy, investment, and a very customer focused policy to the culture at adpol.

Since then, Adpol has gone through a period of growth, change and development in all areas. Moulding department expanded to 4 presses, 7 Extrusion lines, 6 Joining Presses, 4 Punching Machines, adhesive backing department and multiple specialist cutting machines allows us to respond quickly to our customers needs. We have developed and built our own order management and tracking system and operate to AS9100 (aerospace) quality standards, the only UK Silicone extruder and moulder our size to do so.

Adpol remains committed to the values of a family run business. We have a fantastic team, some with 40 + years’ service under their belts who share our values of looking after the customer, reacting quickly, delivering quality product, and finding solutions. We don’t plan to change that, being able to speak quickly to the person you need, getting technical support, answers and decisions promptly is a value we pride ourselves on, and essential to build and maintain relationships with customers and suppliers alike.

Over those 50 years Adpol has expanded in the Aerospace, life science, food & drink and electrical sectors, but this is only a tiny snapshot of what we do. Adpol typically sends out 200 separate jobs a month ranging from 5 gaskets to 30km of extrusion, every one manufactured and packed with the care we’d expect if we were the customer. Our customer reject rate seldom rises above 0.5%, and the diversity in what we do means no single customer accounts for more than 5% of our turnover, and we can bring experience from other sectors to help solve your requirements.

We like to visit, listen and understand our customers needs. As a result, Adpol developed and took to market the first ever extrudable, flame-retardant silicone sponge, and recently launched Silicrumb®, the first ever recycled Silicone Rubber option for manufacturing, in an effort to keep Silicone Rubber out of landfill.

Our desire to develop and improve is as strong as ever. Being able to help meet your needs is in our DNA, so please speak to us wherever there is an opportunity to work more closely with you to build relationships, improve how our products work for you and solve your problems.

None of this would be possible without the commitment of the fabulous team here at Adpol, and the continued support of our fabulous customers, thank you all, and here’s to the next 50 years.

Thank you from us

Please look out for our complimentary gold, silicone rubber anniversary coasters going out with your orders over the next 12 months, and if yours don’t get past goods in or you feel you need some more please let us know.

Flame Retardant Silicrumb – Innovate Grant Winners

Silicrumb® has won the 2023 Innovate UK award for green innovative technology!

Quality upgrade to AS9100 Rev D with New Quality system

We have spent the last 12 months working hard for the transition from AS9100 Rev C  (for Aerospace Manufacturers) to AS9100 Rev D  which is even more demanding. This standard incorporates ISO 9001  and is essential for anyone supplying parts into the Aerospace sector.  We are delighted to be able confirm full compliance to this standard now, and if you want to learn more about the new quality contacts at Adpol or request further details (including a copy of our certificate) please visit our January Newsletter through the link below.

January 2018 Newsletter