Brexit Preparations- Lead Times and New Products

Brexit Preparations… How we can help you prepare

You are probably getting regular questionnaires from your customers

about your preparations and risk analysis for Brexit. An area to consider

and reduce risk for those based in the UK is sourcing within the UK to

avoid any border issues. We can reverse engineer most silicone rubber

extrusions within 3 weeks and remove the risk, or at least give you a back

up option for your plan. So if you have any overseas suppliers for sponge

or rubber parts it might be worth talking to us, sooner rather than later.

Important Update on lead times

We have seen a big influx of orders as customers from all sectors are trying to build up stock

ahead of a Brexit decision, this has resulted in lead times for all moulding and fabrication work

being pushed out to 4 weeks until we can recruit more resources or the demand drops.

Please allow for this extended lead time for the next few months when planning your ordering

and cascade this down to your production teams.

New Co Extrusion Facility

Adpol are very pleased to announce that we have developed a new process that allows us to

extrude a skin of Silicone Rubber over another extruded product in varying shapes and sizes.

This opens up a whole realm of new design opportunities. We can extrude a thin skin over

Sponge products to save weight, give amazing compression and ability to bend. Specialist

silicone grades with Food/Medical approvals, flame retardancy, conductivity and acid

resistance can be used for the skin. And it doesn’t have to stop there, please contact us for

samples and to discuss your ideas.

Laser Engraved Part Numbers

Adpol has developed a new process which allows us to

laser engrave part numbers into Silicone Rubber products.

This provides a good quality and very permanent solution

to the requirement to identify parts. This process lends

itself to moulded or finished individual gasket parts, and

does incur some additional charges. But if this is something

that you are interested in please get in touch and

we can discuss your requirements in more detail.

Important REACH regulations update for Silicone Rubber


REACH is the European Community Regulation on

Chemicals and their safe use. Article 33 requires

manufacturers to notify European users about the

presence of substances of very high concern (SVHC)

when their concentration exceeds 0.1%. Basically, there

are 3 Chemical components which have always been in

the Silicone Compound that have now been added to this


The fact that they have historically always been there, (which would include when food/drink

/medical/flammability/smoke/toxicity tests where carried out), should not give customers

cause for concern. But should you require more detailed information you can in the quality section

of our website. Please forward this information on to any relevant people or departments in your


2019 Hamburg Aircraft Interiors Expo

Much of what Adpol does is for the Aircraft Interiors sector, and this year we will be visiting the

Aircraft Interiors Expo that takes place in Hamburg between 2nd and 4th April. There is

always significant design and development going on in this competitive and demanding

sector, which in turn benefits all sectors through product development and quality. If you or a

colleague are attending or visiting this show and would like to meet up to discuss new design

and product ideas please contact us to set something up.


Finally we would like to thank all our customers for their patience and understanding as we

work through this extremely volatile stage of Silicone shortages and price rises, we are

retaining high stocks, and working with compounders to have alternative supply options in

place should they be needed.

Adpol is a very risk focused company, we see your problems as our

problems and are always looking for ways to keep this to a minimum.