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Silicrumb FR passes smoke and toxicity tests

Silicrumb FR passes smoke and toxicity tests for Aerospace cabins public transport and mass transit.

Silicrumb FR ( C and S grades) already meet vertical burn self extinguishing standards and so can now be used for Aerospace, rail and mass transit applications as colour matched mouldings and extrusions to help these sectors reduce Co2 emissions with full certification.

Further details below, please contact us to discuss how we can work with you to introduce this ground-breaking grade of Recycled Silicone rubber into your manufacturing processes, or sales portfolio.

Silicrumb FR Grade passes smoke and toxicity testing

Adpol Launches Silicrumb the Recycled Silicone Rubber Alternative

After 2 years development Adpol is proud to launch Silicrumb, what we believe to be the first commercially available recycled silicone rubber option for extruded, moulded and cut gaskets:

Summer 2021 News Update

Effects of Covid Pandemic on lead times and Prices, proud to be a British Manufacturer, and new appointments at Adpol ….. read all about it here……

Adpol in Manufacturing & Engineering Magazine

As part of a feature on British Manufacturers Adpol was recently interviewed by the Manufacturing and Engineering magazine. We are proud of our manufacturing heritage, and what we produce here, exporting globally for decades.

Please read the article below and for the full edition and to subscribe for future editions please visit

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EN 45545 Seals

EN 45545 Compliant Seals for the Rail Sector

Adpol can offer seals in rubber and sponge that meet EN 45545 for mass transit. These can be extruded profile seals or cut flat gaskets in different colours

Medical Grade Low Temperature Seals

Adpol can manufacture custom seals and gaskets designed to operate as low as -100°C for medical applications, and low temperature storage of medicines or vaccines using specialist silicone grades.

Extruded or moulded products, soft or hard and tailored precisely to what the customer needs we make a great partner to develop seals in this area.

Adpol Recognised for Ventilator Challenge UK Work

During the height of the pandemic adpol extrusion lines were working hard to produce Kilometres of tubing for urgent production of Ventilators working as part of the Ventilator Challenge UK Consortium.

Working on a 48hr production lead time, and short staffed the production team did a fantastic job, and it was nice to be recognised for our efforts recently with the certificate below.

To us what really stands out is that we still have a quality and professional manufacturing core in the UK that can achieve great things, and do not need to be dependent on anyone.

Lets support our Great British Manufacturing base and local businesses generally, especially during these tough times.

Fuel Resistant Rubber Tube

Fuel Resistant Rubber Tube

When resistance to any type of fuel or oil is required selecting the correct rubber is essential to ensure breakdown and inevitable failure of the tube or seal is avoided.

Nitrile Rubber offers the best resistance to Petrol or Gasoline, and Fluorosilicone or Viton (FKM) is also very good.

The same is also true for Diesel, with a possible leaning to FKM/Viton offering the best resistance.

Generally speaking if you stick with these three rubber types as starters you will not go far wrong, but a compatibility table should always be consulted and if possible trials conducted before a final decision reached.

Adpol can extrude and mould in all these rubber types, working with compounders to develop unique formula mixes should that be required. We are very happy to help you solve your sealing or fluid transfer requirements, please just ask.

Laboratory Tubing

Laboratory Grade Rubber Tubing

Laboratory tubing can be manufactured in many different materials, Silicone Rubber being one of the most popular. The specific grade and hardness selected will be driven by what the tube is doing, and what it is transporting.

Common applications are waste disposal of product, in which case a general purpose silicone with Medical/food and drink certification would do. Anything else largely depends on what the tube needs to transport, and advice from compatibility tables should be sought to ensure the most suitable material is selected.

Viton or Fluorosilicone would be required where chemical resistance is needed, where steam is present a steam resistant grade of silicone should be sought, and if temperatures fall outside of -40 to + 160 degrees C specialist grades should be used.

Tubing can be used in fluid transfer or Peristaltic Pump activity. Whatever the need Adpol has the capability and expertise to help you find a solution, often manufactured in house.

Anti Viral Rubber?

Given the current virus pandemic and need to try and carry on as safely as possible in a multitude of different circumstances the need for Virus inhibiting or destroying surfaces or coatings is probably higher than ever. But does such a product exist?

Good quality Silicone Rubber has natural resistance to microbiological growth such as mold, mildew and fungi. With specialist additives this can be enhanced to offer proven resistance to EColi and MRSA.

In terms of Virus resistance for rubbers a promising area of development has been with the addition of Silver particles into rubber, but as you can imagine this is very expensive, and results not that dynamic yet.

Probably the best protection you can offer through any Virus resistance of rubber products is regular clean downs with alcohol based products, or high temperature deep cleans. We know Silicone Rubber copes well with alcohol based cleaners and high temperature washes, so will be one of the obvious choices for rubber products with this in mind.

So for maximum anti viral protection from rubber products our advice is regular and thorough wash downs.