Fuel Resistant Rubber Tube

Fuel Resistant Rubber Tube

When resistance to any type of fuel or oil is required selecting the correct rubber is essential to ensure breakdown and inevitable failure of the tube or seal is avoided.

Nitrile Rubber offers the best resistance to Petrol or Gasoline, and Fluorosilicone or Viton (FKM) is also very good.

The same is also true for Diesel, with a possible leaning to FKM/Viton offering the best resistance.

Generally speaking if you stick with these three rubber types as starters you will not go far wrong, but a compatibility table should always be consulted and if possible trials conducted before a final decision reached.

Adpol can extrude and mould in all these rubber types, working with compounders to develop unique formula mixes should that be required. We are very happy to help you solve your sealing or fluid transfer requirements, please just ask.