Laboratory Tubing

Laboratory Grade Rubber Tubing

Laboratory tubing can be manufactured in many different materials, Silicone Rubber being one of the most popular. The specific grade and hardness selected will be driven by what the tube is doing, and what it is transporting.

Common applications are waste disposal of product, in which case a general purpose silicone with Medical/food and drink certification would do. Anything else largely depends on what the tube needs to transport, and advice from compatibility tables should be sought to ensure the most suitable material is selected.

Viton or Fluorosilicone would be required where chemical resistance is needed, where steam is present a steam resistant grade of silicone should be sought, and if temperatures fall outside of -40 to + 160 degrees C specialist grades should be used.

Tubing can be used in fluid transfer or Peristaltic Pump activity. Whatever the need Adpol has the capability and expertise to help you find a solution, often manufactured in house.