Platinum Vs Peroxide Cured Silicone

Silicone Rubber, regardless of colour, hardness or type can be cured in one of two ways. Platinum (addition) Cure system or the more traditional Peroxide Cure system, both have pros and cons and both suit certain applications.

Both our Peroxide and Platinum cured silicone compounds meet food, drink, medical and flammability standards.

The curing process is basically the cross linking of the molecular “mesh” structure of the Silicone as heat activates the catalyst and the gum turns into rubber as we know it. The better and tighter the cross linking of the “mesh” the better the technical performance of the Silicone.

Peroxide catalysts are the mainstream in our industry, they offer the overall best value and good performance, but residue from the cross linking can remain in the Silicone and relies on a good post cure process to drive this off. Translucent rubber will not be quite as clear and can yellow over time.

Platinum Curing systems tend to be more expensive, and the processing more involved. But it is effectively a cleaner cure system leaving little or no residue. This means that you have far less risk of any trace residue getting into product coming into contact with the rubber, and the clarity/surface finish will also be better.

Platinum Cured Silicones are more suited to critical food/drink and medical applications, or where the highest cosmetic appearance is required. Peroxide Cured Silicones are absolutely fine for the majority of applications.

We are very happy to discuss your individual needs, advise on what we think is the most suitable material and extrusion and send samples if required. Always happy to help, please just get in touch