Anti Viral Rubber?

Given the current virus pandemic and need to try and carry on as safely as possible in a multitude of different circumstances the need for Virus inhibiting or destroying surfaces or coatings is probably higher than ever. But does such a product exist?

Good quality Silicone Rubber has natural resistance to microbiological growth such as mold, mildew and fungi. With specialist additives this can be enhanced to offer proven resistance to EColi and MRSA.

In terms of Virus resistance for rubbers a promising area of development has been with the addition of Silver particles into rubber, but as you can imagine this is very expensive, and results not that dynamic yet.

Probably the best protection you can offer through any Virus resistance of rubber products is regular clean downs with alcohol based products, or high temperature deep cleans. We know Silicone Rubber copes well with alcohol based cleaners and high temperature washes, so will be one of the obvious choices for rubber products with this in mind.

So for maximum anti viral protection from rubber products our advice is regular and thorough wash downs.