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2019 Pricing Notifications

Thank you for your support in 2018, and patience with the price rises that

you have seen. Regrettably the large price rises on raw material trends are

continuing into 2019 as the chemical shortages and growing global

demand for Silicone continue.

This is affecting all Silicone compounders, and manufacturers like us, we

are all faced with price rises on raw material of up to 40% in 2019 so far. We

use the best value quality European compounded Silicone available which

is purchased in high volumes for the best rates. Like for like comparisons

are more expensive.

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Quality upgrade to AS9100 Rev D with New Quality system

We have spent the last 12 months working hard for the transition from AS9100 Rev C  (for Aerospace Manufacturers) to AS9100 Rev D  which is even more demanding. This standard incorporates ISO 9001  and is essential for anyone supplying parts into the Aerospace sector.  We are delighted to be able confirm full compliance to this standard now, and if you want to learn more about the new quality contacts at Adpol or request further details (including a copy of our certificate) please visit our January Newsletter through the link below.

January 2018 Newsletter

Adpol Conditions of Purchase Updated to Iss 6

As an AS9100 approved manufacturer of Aerospace parts Adpol has to comply with stringent quality standards affecting all aspects of the products and services that we supply to our customers. One of these are the flow down requirements to our approved suppliers, typically of raw materials, products and services. If you are an Adpol approved supplier please take note of our updated Conditions of Purchase, which is referred to in our purchase orders, which you will need to comply with.

Please contact us if you require any further assistance

Adpol Video goes live

Adpol proudly launches its first Video of what we manufacture and how we do it from the mixing of the compound to the final shipping of the end product to the customer…………… and all the many varied processes that might take place on the journey.

Steam Resistant and Enclosure Pages Go live

Steam degrades rubber seals, want to find out how we can help you in this area……………..  visit our Steam Resistant Silicone Rubber Page

Enclosure Seals are also tricky to get right, but we have years of experience helping people get these right……………….. visit our enclosure seals page


Colourful Rubber

Vibrant New Colours

New Colour Pigments Now available

One of the huge advantages Silicone offers over other polymers is the ability to pigment in vibrant colours and match to specific pantone or material matches. We are working with new pigment suppliers on a selection of metallic sparkle, fluorescent and even glow in the dark compounds, if any of these generate a spark of design genius get in touch so we can help set it free.

In House Colour Matching

Adpol has two in house mills and years of colour matching experience in Silicone Rubbers. Working to Ral, Pantone or matching material samples we can achieve good matches in a short space of time and then mould, extrude and fabricate products using the approved colour.



Adpol Welcomes New Starters

Adpol extends a warm welcome to Richard Rush, who joins Adpol in a technical sales role. Richard has expertise in Aerospace flight simulators and electronic assembly businesses.

Also Nicola Brall, who joins Adpol in a office Admin/Sales role working closely with Yvonne to ensure your orders track smoothly through Adpol and we keep up the high level of communication with our customers that we want.

Bethan Jenkins joins the trimming and fabrication team and Ariel Mielweska joins the extrusion team.

As we grow, we ensure that we have the resouce in terms of staff and machinery that we we need to maintain the service levels our customers deserve.

Laboratory Tubing

Viton and Platinum Silicone Peristaltic pump tubing

Adpol has recently been involved in a number of projects around manufacture and supply of Peristaltic Pump tubing for very specific applications. Standard silicones and Viton will often not give the flexibility and compression needed, so together with compounders we are able to offer two very specifically engineered grades.

Both are food quality one Silicone based, with the other being Viton B. The compounds are available in different colours and hardness’s, and of course across a huge range of inner and outer diameter combinations.

Lead times are typically 14 – 21 days with orders from 50m upwards being run.

As the end of line manufacturer we believe we can offer competitive pricing, better access to technical support, complete traceability, and shorter lead times, so please give us a call if you are looking for peristaltic pump tubing.

40 Years in Business!

This year Adpol celebrates 40 years in business manufacturing rubber seals, gaskets and tubes. Back in 1974 Adpol was particularly Aerospace focused supplying leading UK manufacturers at the forefront of development.

We haven’t forgotten our aerospace roots and continue to supply leading aerospace manufacturers around the globe. We retain our AS9100 aerospace manufacturers quality standard, to which all Adpol products are manufactured and inspected to.

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